The Next Level Of
Receivables Management

The Next Level Of
Receivables Management

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Receivables Management. Simply.

At MB&W, the focus is on our partnerships. We become an integral part of our client’s business through effective planning, strategy and execution. MB&W invests in only the best personnel, recovery focused technology, data security, and certifications. This allows our clients to focus on their core competencies and foremost business operations. With highly effective measures of reducing risk, mitigating reputational risk factors, and quickly recovering assets — our agency is able to significantly impact our client’s bottom line.

MB&W distinguishes ourselves with over 100+ years of combined executive management experience which yields vast industry knowledge, market familiarity, and industry expertise. Our clients choose MB&W, amongst thousands of other options for peace of mind, knowing that we deliver on our promise:

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“What Can Be Conceived Can Be Achieved”

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Confidence Through Commitment

MB&W’s philosophy: “What Can Be Conceived, Can Be Achieved.” We strive to know all we can know about our clients’ business processes, then invest in the resources to achieve optimal liquidation working within your business culture and defined parameters. We do this better than anyone else in the business.

  • Segmenting recovery efforts by industry, and client

  • Actively benchmarking our processes to determine optimal treatment strategy

  • Investment in sophisticated technologies

  • Conducting sensitivity training focused on resolving situations with a “human touch”

  • Maintaining top certifications and compliance best practices

Our clients appreciate this philosophy, as it eliminates any concerns. It’s a given that when collections are placed with MB&W, the right action is taken. Collectors get the right training, customers get the right attention, and ultimately, our clients get the right payments.