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Based in Cleveland, Ohio, McCarthy, Burgess & Wolff (MB&W) was founded by two collection veterans with one important goal in mind: to provide a simple, stress-free experience for clients looking to improve portfolio liquidation. This is achieved through creative collection strategies, technology and execution in conjunction with a talented and dedicated staff.

MB&W has grown to be one of the largest collection agencies in the U.S., having collected more than $1 Billion for our clients over the last decade. Our drive and exceptional personnel, along with proven strategies and technologies, have increased portfolio liquidations and brought peace of mind to our clientele.

What Can Be Conceived Can Be Achieved.

3rd Party Collections

Taking Your Results Personally

3rd Party Collections is not a one-size-fits-all process.  With a management team that has over 150+ years of combined industry experience, MB&W has the knowledge and expertise to personally tailor 3rd Party Collection strategies specific to your portfolio needs.   We provide our staff with a competitive, high energy recovery environment, with the tools and technology to help achieve optimal liquidation results for your portfolio.  Our success is your success!

Outsourcing/1st Party Collections

Simple, Scalable Outsourcing Solutions

MB&W has a proven track record of success in developing and implementing a wide variety of outsourcing solution strategies. Our experience in both early- and late-stage portfolios allows us to provide a comprehensive outsourcing strategy by developing customized treatment programs. Let MB&W tailor a custom solution to meet your portfolio’s unique needs.

Customer Service Call Center

Customer Care Call Handling For Non-Collection Solutions

MB&W offers custom built customer service call center solutions across a variety of industries.  We have successfully implemented call center strategies for both small projects, and also for projects of significant size and scope.  The agents selected to comprise the Customer Service Call Center are specially selected based on their aptitude to work with our clients’ customer base in a manner our clients would expect to receive from their internal staff.

Customer Retention Program

An Added Layer Of Control

You’ve worked so hard to develop relationships with your customers. Let MB&W help you keep that business coming. We’ve created a Customer Retention Program to proactively reach out to your current customers to gather practical insight into your accounts. This data can be used to leverage your sales efforts and gain more control over customer satisfaction. Using customized matrix strategies enables us to obtain valuable customer data on complaints, billing and sales issues, and disputes you should know about.

Litigation Management Services

Minimize The Time & Cost To Recover

Analysts predict 2% of customers will never pay their debt. When this is the case, MB&W takes legal action. Our Legal Forwarding Management has over 35 years of experience in managing the litigation collection process. All litigation parameters, asset searches, and fact finding are handled in advance to litigation consideration. Our highly trained legal forwarding team has developed a network of attorneys able to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the litigation process. We have developed proprietary software to manage the legal forwarding process from inception to resolution. The software captures litigation success rates, next action notes, customized legal status reports, action dates, and status updates. Of course, there is no non-contingent suit fee – all legal work is handled on a contingency basis.

Best Practices Consulting

Fine-Tuning Your Plan

How sharp are your internal collection processes and techniques? Are you damaging recovery potential by waiting too long to make initial contact? Or missing opportunities to nurture customer relationships with more effective negotiation techniques? Is there strong communication between your billing and sales teams? Achieve tranquility in knowing MB&W has you covered. MB&W will prepare a customized analysis specific to your company, identifying your strengths and weaknesses, and develop an action plan to improve on your internal performance.

MB&W is at the forefront of IT technological solutions for use in the recovery industry.  We apply analytics, leading technology, and operation excellence in a client-focused solution that delivers results in excess of client expectations and with a consistency our clients can depend on.  MB&W has a sizable department of dedicated IT staff members who allow for seamless integrations between MB&W and our Clients to deliver on client data transfer protocols, reporting, and custom project requirements.

Custom Solutions In A Secure Operation

Technology is a critical investment area for MB&W – both in the collection technologies that provide us with creative control, to the IT technologies that keep the inner workings of our recovery efforts secure

What Can Be Conceived Can Be Achieved.

What we Use:

  • Real-time speech analytics

  • 100% call recording technology

  • Integrated Voice Response (IVR) Technology

  • Speech-to-Text technology

  • Predictive Dialing Solutions (where applicable)

  • State-of-the-Art Customizable Collection Software

  • State-of-the-Art telephony solutions

  • Document imaging for immediate access to critical information

Process And Control Certifications

MB&W’s clients trust us with sensitive customer information on a daily basis.  We’ve invested heavily in data integrity solutions to ensure information remains secure and available, as evidenced by the independently audited certifications we’ve successfully achieved:

  • ISO 27001 Certification

  • SOCII Type II (SSAE 18) Certification

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Collection Technologies

MB&W’s integrated collection software technology takes efficiency to the highest level.  Cookie cutter solutions would work if all client’s needs are exactly the same, but they’re not. This fact has driven MB&W’s investment in customizable platforms and solutions geared exclusively toward our clients’ unique requirements.

  • Customizable Collection Software

  • Voice Analytics Technology Integration

  • Automated Skip-Tracing Integration

  • CFPB/Reg F Itemization Safeguards

Disaster Recovery Plan

MB&W’s disaster recovery plan includes an on-site generator, fail-safe data storage technologies, operational redundancy, and investment in the most qualified IT staff to put your mind at ease.

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